Your reason for getting a massage:


If you are suffering from minor sicknesses like flu or headaches, reflexology can help. Reflexology techniques focus on massaging the different "reflexology points" on the soles of your feet that correspond with the different organs in your body. To really benefit from reflexology, you need to have it regularly.

Muscle tension

Deep tissue massage therapy can help if you have chronic muscle tension. It's similar to a Swedish massage, but stronger pressure can relax muscle tension. Deep tissue massage therapists focus on the tendons, the protective layer of the muscles, and the deepest layers of muscle tissue. Studies have found that even just one deep tissue massage session can cause a drop in your blood pressure. It can also trigger the release of oxytocin and serotonin, putting you in a good mood. Another good therapy to release tension is Chinese meridian facial massage. It focuses on a person's skull and face as well as neck shoulders and arms.


Swedish massage and hot stone massage therapies are great ways to relax and relieve everyday stress.

Chinese Tuina

Chinese Tuina

If you're looking for pain relief or help with injuries, there's a type of massage that's right for you-but don't expect to just lay around get and pampered, these massages are serious! For muscle pain, therapeutic massage is meant specifically to address pain from tension, repetitive use or overworked muscles, and even joint pain. Tuina may also be just what you need. Tuina follows your meridians and focus on the fascia or the tissues that surround your muscle, organs, tissues, etc. If your fascia is tense, it can cause pain in the areas attached to it. You will get a lot of energy after a Chinese Tuina.