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If you're searching for a massage spa in Portage, WI that implements ancient Chinese practices, Ping's Massage Therapy Center is just the place for you. We offer unique massage options that are designed to relax the body and ease tension. Choose from a wide selection of services curated specifically for your unique bodily needs.

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60 Minute Session - $150
90 Minute Session - $200

Get the relief you need with a hot stone massage

Get the relief you need with a hot stone massage

Stones have been a pillar of the Ayurveda practice for centuries. Ancient practitioners would place hot stones on the body to tackle chronic pain and improve relaxation. The Chinese adopted this medicinal practice years later to treat similar ailments. Here at Ping's Massage Therapy Center, we offer a hot stone massage that mimics those same ancient practices. Placing water-heated stones on key points of your body leads to:

  • Deep muscle relaxation
  • Alleviated muscle stiffness
  • Increased circulation
  • Quickened metabolism
Each hot stone massage lasts an hour and a half. You'll leave feeling relaxed and at ease.

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