Conquer Chronic Pain With Relaxing Massage Services

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Do you suffer from persistent pain? If so, getting a deep tissue massage may help to alleviate chronic strain and pressure. Here at Ping's Massage Therapy Center, we focus on breaking down tense muscle areas by massaging targeted parts of the body. By reaching deep layers of muscle, fascia and tendons, we'll provide the relief you need to improve your quality of life.

Each deep tissue massage lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Using ancient Chinese techniques, we'll make sure your body is completely rejuvenated.

60 Minute Session - $122
90 Minute Session- $184

Discover the 6 benefits of massage services

Discover the 6 benefits of massage services

Our massage services are designed to improve mental clarity while reducing the effects of chronic pain. While massages are generally associated with relaxation, they also offer optimal health benefits such as:

  1. Detoxifying the body
  2. Lowering blood pressure
  3. Helping scars to heal
  4. Lowering cortisol levels
  5. Reducing inflammation
  6. Extending your area of motion
Our massage therapist is bringing ancient Chinese techniques to Portage, WI. You're guaranteed to notice the difference.

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